Chess Festival Groningen already had it's kick-off! And because we also believe in having fun, we organize the now traditional After Chess Program in chess bar Proeflokaal Hooghoudt, Zuiderdiep 61, Groningen. If you want to join one of the events of the After Chess Program, come to the bar (before 20:15), or you can also call Maarten Roorda: 06 289 79 404 (0031 6 289 79 404), preferably before 20:00.

Saturday the 22th
At 20:30 we start with Ultimate Moves. Two teams will take place. They both get 5 minutes with 10 seconds increment. Every 5 moves another team member takes place at the board. Trashtalk is very much appreciated! Everyone can join the game! Kees Eldering en Mika (bartender) will start the game! These people are assured of a place in a team: Few places free. Please join! Get in on time and let the barstaff know you want to play!

Immediately afterwards we play Dutch Bughouse. You play in duos. It's like normal bughouse, only a bit different. Wikipedia has a good game manual. Maximum of 20 players, prices in liqorform.

Because there are two rounds to play on the chessfestival coming sunday, the cafe won’t organize any particular games. But of course, feel free to pop in, drink a beer, analyze your games, play blitz or sing silent night.

Monday the 24th
We’ll play Hands & Brains. Again played in duos. Just come along, preferably before eight, and let us know you want to play, also when you don’t have a partner. There'll be plenty of others on the search! Starts at 20:30, maximum of 30 players. Prices in liqorform.

25th of december. Merry Xmas! Sorry, cafe is closed.

Wednesday the 26th 
Fisher Random. The first edition of the Open Groningen Championship Fischer Random, to be precise.  Time to sober up a little bit, so no prices in liquor form, but in cash! 1st price € 75, 2nd price € 50 and 3rd price € 25. 7 minutes per person. Get in on time, before 20:00, and let the barstaff know you want to play! Or give Maarten Roorda a call or a whats'app. 

Thursday the 27th 
Chessclub SISSA organizes a SISSA big Xmasblitz. Preliminaries in groups of 4 and final poules in groups of 10. Sign in on time: e-mail your first and last name to: or come in till 20:30 and let us know you're interested. Cash prizes! Maximum of 30 participants. Registration €5. Nice moneyprices. Start at 21:00.


Friday the 28th
Play against the bear!
Grab your chance to play against our local GM! Former Chess Festival winner Sipke Ernst! 5 minutes p.p. Starts at 21:00 Prices in liqorform

Saturday the 29th
After having spend so much time with dutch people, you might by now know a word or two. If so, sign up for a dutch Pubquiz, organized by Ben van Os! For most of you probably harder then winning from GM Sipke Ernst... But please feel welcome and have a drink with us in Proeflokaal Hooghoudt!

Hope to see you!

The organization of the Chess Festival and Proeflokaal Hooghoudt, (Zuiderdiep 61), Maarten Roorda 06 289 79 404 (0031 6 289 79 404)